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Parenting with Purpose
Sara Teichman, PsyD
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A proactive approach to chinuch habonim based on understanding and respect.
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Too Frum?
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
March 23rd, 2017
Dear Dr T., We are worried about our seventeen-year-old son, a good boy who lives in the dorm of his yeshiva. He is very frum, and particularly scrupulous and meticulous in shmiras mitzos. He is well known in his yeshiva for davening the longest shmona esrei and for being honest - to a fault. So, what’s the catch? Well, with Pesach approaching, his frumkeit has become more intense. He keeps calling home with questions. ‘Do you know ho …
Breaking the Secret Code of Tantrums
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
March 16th, 2017
Tantrums, especially when they are thrown in public, are no fun. Even in private, they frustrate us and make us wonder what has happened to our typically lovable child. No wonder that tantrums are often cited as the most challenging issue that parents face. Common wisdom holds that if you ignore tantrums, they will go away. This is based on the behavioral principle of reinforcement and extinction, which claims that, that which is not reinforced w …
Kibud Av
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
March 9th, 2017
Dear Dr T, There is an issue that I struggle with – and I’m hoping you can help me achieve some clarity. My husband is very ‘correct’ – maybe even midas hadin- and this is the source of much tension and stress in the home. He was raised by very strict parents, and he wants to bring up his children the way he was raised, particularly in the area of kibud av v’am. At times, though, it seems to me that he borders …
Purim Stress
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
March 2nd, 2017
                                                    Purim Stress   Dear T., With Purim upon us, I feel sheer panic! Mishloach manos, seuda, Megilla [two times!], costumes, and ‘collect …
Overstanding Your Child
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
February 23rd, 2017
Dear Dr T,  My wife and I come from a very similar background: one where children should  be ‘seen and not heard.’ Because of the negative effect  that this  child rearing method had on us, we are committed to bring up our children differently. We are grateful that we have BH been able to establish a home where our children have a voice and are eager to share with us.  So, what’s the problem, you might a …
The Mean Girls
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
February 17th, 2017
 Dear Dr T.,   I was a very successful junior high Morah/mechaneches in a prestigious in town school. And, every year, mothers would come and complain about the mean girls who were bothering their daughters – excluding them, mocking and/or teasing, and generally making their lives miserable. The thing is – that the girls they accused were often the products of the finest homes, models of derech eretz, or just all-around …