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Parenting with Purpose
Sara Teichman, PsyD
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A proactive approach to chinuch habonim based on understanding and respect.
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Infant Speak
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
October 5th, 2021
  Dear Dr T.,  Whenever I am with my mechatenesteh and our grandchild, I feel awful about myself. So, it goes like this. The baby is six months old- and sees us each about once in two weeks. I also have some older grandchildren from my other children.  When I see the kids, I try to be respectful and read their cues. So, I don’t rush to hug, kiss, or even approach the kids until they signal their readiness. I might be there fo …
Why Did You.....
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
August 24th, 2021
   Dear Dr. T.,  What’s the best way to correct my children? They are reasonably well- behaved [mostly], all different ages- but everyone needs some guidance and discipline, don’t they?  I am an avid reader of parenting materials and listen to many parenting lectures as well, so I know that punishment and yelling and screaming are counterproductive. But what’s wrong with criticism when needed? Can’t I t …
What Would You Do?
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
August 2nd, 2021
      Dear Dr T., I have a problem with my two and a half year old. He is always hurting his one year old brother. Even if I am playing with them both, the older one may just take a toy and throw it at the baby. I am writing to you as a last resort though I don’t know if you can help me. I certainly have asked many people – parents, siblings, friends, and even a rebbitzen in my community. People say all kind of things: …
Love or Abuse? PAS [Parent alienation Syndrome]
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
June 27th, 2021
   Dear Dr. T.,  What exactly is PAS [Parent Alienation Syndrome]? Is it contrived, junk science as its detractors say, or is it an insidious, subtle form of child abuse, as its defenders hold?  There is a divorced staff member in our office whose children are almost completely estranged from him because of what he calls PAS. But, how is that possible? Don’t children naturally bond with a decent, loving parent, even when …
I Want Tatty !
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
June 2nd, 2021
 Dear Dr. T.,  I used to think it was cute when my adorable little 3-year-old boy would say, ‘I want Tatty!’ Whether it was to dress him, feed him, play with him, or go with him- a real Tatty’s boy. We all laughed when he wouldn’t even take nosh from me when his Tatty was around. Well, I think we are both sick of it by now. My husband has to sneak out of the house to go to shul, and I feel like a shmatte. Who do …
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
April 25th, 2021
                                                                                                   Mesorah Dear Dr T, I am writing this letter in …
Why are my kids so unhappy?
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
February 12th, 2021
  Dear Dr. T.,  It hit me last week when I was at a family gathering. What I saw is that the cousins ate, played games, chatted up the adults, and got hyper. But here’s what I also saw: my pre-teen children clung to me, my little ones kvetched about the food, and two children begged to go home — now!  What strikes me is that my children are just not happy. Whether at home, or school, they see the negative parts, are rel …
I Can Do It Better
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
January 26th, 2021
Dear Dr. T.,  School starts for me when Yom Tov ends, and I am beginning to feel that familiar dread. It’s not the homework- though that’s bad, or the carpools- which is worse;  it’s my 10 year old.  He’s a great kid- funny, well-liked, bright. Unfortunately, he overlooks these traits and is in constant competition with his two older brothers – who are-effortlessly- real academic stars in school. So, t …
Right vs Loved?
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
December 29th, 2020
                                                                       Right vs Loved  Dear Dr.T.,  My eleven your old daughter really has a hard time getting along with others – whether family,  neighborhood, or school. We spend a lot of time talki …
From Neb to ... Superman
Author: Sara Teichman, PsyD
November 30th, 2020
                                                            Dear Dr.T.,   My husband hates when I say it, but the truth is my son is a real scaredy cat. You know the different noises a house makes- well, he hears each one and reacts- crying, hiding under his bed or in the closet. He won’t …
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