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NEFESH & NEXT CHAPTER Professional Development

Series: 18th Annual NEFESH International Conference

The 13 Cognitive Distortions That Undermine Marital Harmony

Previously Recorded

Presenter: Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R

60 minutes

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One of Cognitive Behavior Therapy’s great contributions is its ability to identify the power of incorrect or maladaptive beliefs, and how they shape our feelings.  If we can help our clients question their thoughts and beliefs, and become less defensive and more objective about them, they can change the way they are affected by what happens to them.  Though commonly applied to individuals, this same technique can be applied to couples.  In this seminar, we will learn to identify thirteen common incorrect beliefs that sabotage relationships, what makes them less adaptive, and how to teach your client “antidotes” to these beliefs.

  • Learn how to identify the various distorted beliefs, assumptions and entitlements that set people up for conflict, disappointment and resentment.
  • Learn how to gently confront clients so they can re-evaluate, reconsider and restructure faulty beliefs
  • Learn to manage your countertransference and remain compassionate and curious even when you find your clients' opinions to be immoral or foolish.
  • Learn how to deflect religious justifications for dysfunctional behavior without arguing about religion.
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