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NEFESH & NEXT CHAPTER Professional Development

Trauma & Teshuva III

Previously Recorded

Presenter: David Pelcovitz, Ph.D, Rabbi David Fox, Ph.D, Aviva Biberfeld, Ph.D

60 minutes

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In the midst of the Days of Awe, three expert clinicians explore psychological and theological connections between our clinical work with trauma & the teshuva process.

Topics covered include:
- Effects of trauma on our cognition and perception
- The role and importance of "meaning" in working with trauma
- The importance of "being" vs. "doing" in our work with trauma
- Insights into teshuva from our roles as "Healers of the Psyche" and how teshuva informs our clinical work.
- Behavioral, emotional and cognitive processes and their interplay in both teshuva and trauma work
- Dispute among the Rishonim regarding the basic components of the teshuva process

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