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From the desk of Dr. Barry Holzer, President, NEFESH International:

January 21, 2022

Shalom Aleichem, on behalf of the NEFESH leadership I would like to review with you what has taken place over the past few weeks as we gear up for the 24th Annual NEFESH Conference to be held in a new location, The Hilton Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey, Thursday February 24 to Sunday February 27, 2022.

Once we knew that a New York based December conference was out of the question the NEFESH Board went into overdrive to create a dynamic virtual conference to offer continuing education, networking and the spiritual connection that NEFESH constituents look forward to. Over the course of one week, hundreds of us attended a variety of professionally presented webinars highlighted by a zoom Havdalah with our very own Yisroel Wulliger who serenaded us, not once, but twice to reach out to colleagues on the East and West Coast. And of course, a new version of the very popular networking event, The Lower Lobby.

And then, in a blink of an eye, the world we knew was darkened, an eclipse, born of tragedy reared its ugly head; B”H, standing together, the professional mental health community and our Torah sages spoke out united to protect survivors and to bring meaning and safe spaces to a catastrophe that has plagued the world and struck our people.

From its humble beginnings NEFESH has committed to educate, inspire and lead a remarkable cadre of professionals whose goal is to bring shalva, shalom and simcha to klal yisrael. Over the past few weeks, NEFESH has offered programming, divrei chizuk, forums to share and be heard, and TNT’s to nurture, comfort and heal our professional community. Our mantra was, is and will always be “Imo Anochi B’tzara”, we are with you!

And we are only just beginning, COVID has constrained us, but it has not contained us. Please join us the last week in February for a conference of meaning, inspiration, and true Torah growth. We look forward to seeing you again in a beautiful hotel, for an amazing shabbos, and to honor our professionals. Register here for the 24th Annual Conference.

Dr. Barry Holzer
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