The great mystics saw God in everything.  The more physical something is, the more intensely spiritual potential is locked within it. After all, if God leaves a road sign, it pays to read it carefully.  When there is so much physical energy present, it is only the tip of the spiritual iceberg.  This is why erotic and sexual imagery is used constantly by the Zohar and other mystical works.  It’s much more than a metaphor.  Instead it is the physical manifestation of something spiritually powerful that is harder to see.  The ecstasy and loss of grounding that a powerful sexual union achieves is a small example of the spiritual ecstasy and union that soul can achieve in its conjoinment with God. 

Our Gemara on Amud Aleph quotes the verse in Mishle (31:18) that one should open the mouths of the mute, that is give opportunity for expression of those or that which is stifled.

Likkutei Moharan (Torah 6:8) refers to a Gemara in Sanhedrin (100a) that discusses a Messianic future based on verses in Yechezkel, which will heal the barren women and the mute. Symbolically, both the barren woman (whose womb is closed) and the mute require an opening up and release from a stifling effect. Therefore, there is an affinity between the mouth and the reproductive organs. Both can produce in their own way, but also can be suppressed.

The kiss is a prelude to sexuality as it first begins with words, that is, verbal assurances and courtship, leading to actual kisses and eventually sexual union. Sexuality is a form of self-expression and affirmation when done with respect and love that is unparalleled and transcends physical bounds. However, there also are unfortunately forms of sexual mutism, coming from either oppression, suppression or repression. If a person is hurt, ignored or objectified their sexuality may be oppressed. If they feel overly controlled it is suppressed, and if there is shame and guilt it is repressed.

We see from Rav Nachman that giving a person his or her sexuality back to them needs to start with giving the person a physical voice. Listen, listen and listen more.


Translations Courtesy of Sefaria, (except when, sometimes, I disagree with the translation cool.)