In response to Shimmy Feintuch’s existential question here( about therapist’s blogging, I would like to begin this blog with my response. 

The very nature of a psychotherapist’s job is to confront and engage all areas of the human condition. Combined, the world of psychotherapy has a lot to say about humanity. Not that we have it all right. But there is a unique wisdom about life that we have to offer. Are there risks in sharing? Sure! I might be misunderstood. What I write might be applicable for some people and detrimental for others. Someone posted a response to Shimmy’s post that she would love to know more about her therapist. I suppose there might be a voyeuristic joy in reading something personal about your therapist. But, as you might already we know, we keep our personal lives separate from the therapy we practice specifically for the sake of the people we treat. (This is certainly an entirely separate discussion!)

I do think, though, that there can be real value in therapists’ blogging. I, for one, find writing to be a cathartic form of expression. A way to explore concepts and ideas that might otherwise languish in the recesses of my mind. I also find value in engaging others in discussion about how we, as people, live. We are all uniquely different and as such, we have varying perspectives on pain, happiness, joy, suffering, traumatic events and the best way to make life work. I hope you’ll join me on my journey through this blog!