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Healing in Monsey
Author: Lili Bernstein (Goralnick), LCSW-R
January 8th, 2020
Gelly??!!". I shouted into the phone. It was about 11 p.m. and the sirens had finally died down.   I had figured it was a menorah fire, but I glanced into YWN when the sirens weren’t stopping. TERROR IN MONSEY screamed back at me. I called my dear friend and colleague Gelly Asovsky straightaway.  "It's our turn, Lil!   What's the plan?" "Straight into the storm, Gelly. I know the Rebbe and I'm calling the Gabbai tom …
To My Client with BPD
Author: Lili Bernstein (Goralnick), LCSW-R
February 11th, 2019
You came to me from a colleague with those dreaded words, “this one’s for you…” I aged three years just trying to get you to sign my policies and consents. But by the time we were finished drawing and picking apart your family tree, we were bonding in mutual amazement- mine at your brave story and you of my piecing together of your story. Your letter and expressions of appreciation mean a lot, and as I hold it in my hand …
A Therapist Redecorates
Author: Lili Bernstein (Goralnick), LCSW-R
January 16th, 2019
I had just experienced a tragic loss, and felt my whole world had collapsed. My own skin didn't even feel safe. But here, in this room, with my life raft, my wise and reassuring therapist, I felt, at times that I could be okay again someday. Bridging my current devastation with a first look at my childhood trauma was something akin to doing yoga in a 6.7 earthquake. The only way this could work was if she stayed very, very still.
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