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Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
October 9th, 2017
The ancient Jewish custom of Hoshanos focuses our attention on crops, rain and vulnerability.  It includes the act of parading around the Bimah, (synagogue's centrally located table) once a day, for each of the first six days of Sukkos (The Festival of the Booths), and then circling the Bimah seven times on the seventh day.  The seventh day is referred to as Hoshanah Rabbah.  The above parallels the manner that Joshua led the Jewis …
Find YOUR way back
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
September 24th, 2017
As we stand in the midst of the Aseres Yemai Teshuvah, the ten days of repentance that stretch from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, many of us likely recall what we’ve been taught, over the years, about Teshuvah.  For some of us, the lessons remain deeply moving.  Others may be left with painful memories, being burdened by the baggage of repeated failure.  Yet others may feel unable to relate to Teshuvah, being numbed to and by …
A student's memories of Rabbi Aaron Brafman
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
September 15th, 2017
Our class was, to put it mildly, not all that receptive.  He taught us during an era in which the entertainment world placed a premium on being “cool”.  He was anything but cool; he wore his feelings – even the uncomfortable ones, like sadness and apprehension – on his sleeve.  He wasn’t anti-establishment.  He couldn’t afford to be.  As Menahel, he was part of the administration.  …
A tale of two clerics
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
August 25th, 2017
One lived during what could have been the best of times; the other lived through what was undoubtedly the worst of times.  One blighted the religious life of a young student, in what had been the spring of his hope; the other cast brightness on the life of a young refugee, in the winter of her despair.       Clive Hazell, professor extraordinaire, at the graduate school I attended, spoke with a delicious English accent.  …
Bar Mitzvah Handbook: Part 4
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
August 6th, 2017
 (This is the last post of the series.  It continues our conversation about being connected and it then it summarizes.)   Choosing connectedness also means identifying who your friends are and forging potentially lifelong relationships with them.  Choose friends who are wholesome, who are supportive of you and your growth and to whom you enjoy giving.    Invest in these friendships.  I’m speaking less abou …
Bar Mitzvah Handbook: Part 3
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
July 28th, 2017
(In our last post, we began to discuss the importance of connecting.   There was an understanding that we would not go into specifics, until – this – the next post. What follows is a conversation about connecting with Hashem.)   Whether you understand the story of Bereishit in its most literal sense – that everything started a little more than 5775 years ago – or whether you believe in things like the Big Ba …
Tags: Bar Mitzvah, connection, Divine
Bar Mitzvah Handbook: Part 2
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
July 20th, 2017
(In our first post, we started a conversation about the ways that you are leaving childhood behind, and that you are now thinking in more grown up ways.)   There are more factors that are broadening your horizons.  Your body, has either already started or will soon start to grow rapidly.  Your hips may get thinner and your shoulders will get broader.  Yet other changes will occur.  You will likely become interested in peo …
Tags: Bar Mitzvah, Choosing, Creating
Bar Mitzvah Handbook: Part 1
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
July 13th, 2017
This is for anyone who is about to become or who has recently become Bar Mitzvah.  Mazal Tov!  You are now an adult…well sort of.   You see, you may be counted toward a Minyan, you can read from the Torah and you can lead the Tefilot.  On the other hand, you can’t yet sell the family farm, or house, or any land for that matter.  You are also not yet fully a Bar Onshin.  This means that you will not …
Tags: Adolescent Development, Bar Mitzvah
Not even a target
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
July 2nd, 2017
“Gabriel” is one of the higher functioning residential clients I treat. He is tall and has an athletic build.  Gabriel is articulate: He can deliver razor sharp sports analyses.  (Decades ago, Gabriel attended college on a sports scholarship.)  He speaks with sensitivity, intelligence and wit, on a wide range of other topics. Gabriel holds a Community Pass. He takes long walks, shoots baskets at a local park and interac …
Tags: Random violence, Personhood of victims
Korbon Copy
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
June 27th, 2017
    Around this time of year, we read the Torah portion of “Chukas” and are shown two contrasting models of parenting.    We encounter the first model, when the Torah relates the narrative of Aharon’s death.  Moshe is commanded “קח/take” Aharon and his son, Elazar, to a secluded mountain spot. Moshe is told to remove Aharon’s special garments and dress Elazar with those selfsame garme …
Tags: Torah, Parenting, Aharon, Parah Adumah