I am an avid reader of Rebbetzin Feigy Twerski’s writing. Her articles depict overflowing love for her children and grandchildren. So how did she handle the pain when her daughter, the mother of a large family, lost her husband so tragically?  I knew that I had to hear what she would say.

When we spoke on this podcast, she couldn’t even answer about her pain. She was so focused on her daughter and her grandchildren – so many children that would be growing up without a father. She felt the pain for her widowed daughter and for each orphaned child.

We also spoke about some of the insensitive remarks that people made during shivah. This was something I could very much relate to. People mean well. I know that they do. It is their own discomfort that causes them say make these kinds of comments.

At the end of the day, hearing that loss hurts no matter who you are was oddly comforting to me.

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