He didn’t live long, but he will always be my child.

 Estie’s story gives listeners a first-person view of the experiences and feelings of a mother who has lost a child. What she shares is truly eye-opening.

 When Estie began feeling abdominal pains early in her third trimester, her sisters urged her to check out what sounded to them like labor pains. Estie laughed at them. After all, she was a long way from her due date. Why would she be in labor? She wasn’t laughing a few hours later as her twin son and daughter were born. They may have been preemies, but they were fighters. Her little boy Yosef Leib was doing well. And then he developed an infection. He fought valiantly, but Hashem willed otherwise.

 Eighteen years later, Estie is upbeat and pleasant and so positive about life, but she still holds the pain of her loss in her heart and freely admits that she misses her little boy. At the same time, she shares lessons and inspiration that might blow you away. Click here to listen. >>>