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The Katrina Effect
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
February 1st, 2016

“Excuse me, is that the Torah that you are studying?”  The woman who posed this question was looking across the way into my Gemara, as our plane prepared for takeoff.  She was modestly dressed and wore a headscarf.   In the dim cabin light, her complexion was mocha.  I tried to answer in as factual a manner as I could, as to the different layers of text that were present on the page.    The woman, wh …
Tags: Jewish education, Insularity, Race, Outreach
Had you come knocking at my door...
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
February 28th, 2016

Perhaps I was a bit giddy.  It was the night of the Super Bowl and my oldest son had just returned from a party.  He was showing us a video of a “Kosher Halftime show”, and it was quite amusing.  We heard a knock at the door.    It was someone collecting Tzeddakah.  His frock and his wide brimmed hat hinted that he was a Yerushalmi. Our visitor looked about my age.  His brow was furrowed.  His l …
Tags: Tzeddakah, Wealth, Responsibility
Lokshon Hara
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
August 21st, 2016

Author’s note: The privacy and confidentiality of individuals found in this narrative was safeguarded, by modifying identifying details.          I’ve been meeting with Beth and Arnie for a number of years, on issues related to parenting, shared responsibility and intimacy.  The two are insightful, articulate and able to access humor, in ways that reduce tension and allow for playfulness.  …
Tags: Shabbat, Lashon Hara, Kugel, Anxiety
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
October 23rd, 2016

This election season gives us pause for concern as to how candidates (more than one) sidestep questions about their personal and professional integrity.    There comes a point, though, where political discourse strays into a disturbing zone, well known by mental health professionals and the clients they serve.  I am referring to a dynamic that surrounds trauma – particularly complex trauma, associated with sexual abuse.  …
Tags: Politics, psychology, Complex trauma
Beyond earshot
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
November 13th, 2016

Let's study some Torah verses that are read right around this time of year.  We would be doing so, with an eye for uncovering the nuggets of wisdom – psychological or otherwise – that lie immediately beneath the surface of the text.    Avraham has just sent away, Yishma’el, his eldest son.  Sarah had ordered that he be driven away and G-d had endorsed the plan.  Hagar, Yishmael’s mother leaves with …
Tags: Torah, Abandonment, Repetition compulsion
Born to Run
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
December 16th, 2016

A few days ago, my youngest son celebrated his Bo Ba’yom – that is the very day of his becoming Bar Mitzvah.  His mother and I braved sub-zero wind chills, showed up at the Yeshiva he attends and joined him, his classmates and his Rebbeim.  There was a modest spread waiting for us.     One Rebbi asked me if I was planning to speak.  I noted that the printed protocol for these celebrations made no mention of pa …
Tags: Adolescent Development, Parenting, Bar Mitzvah
Mirrors of Desire
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
March 17th, 2017

What does the Torah have to say about sexuality and eroticism?  More specifically, how does the Torah view the passion and desire that occur within a marital relationship?  Is eroticism viewed as dangerous –something to avoid?   Are passion and desire viewed simply as necessary preconditions to bringing children into the world?  Then again, might desire, passion and eroticism hold intrinsic value, in a loving marita …
Tags: desire, passion, holiness
Whose body?
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
May 5th, 2017

I’m going to ask you an important question.  (It’s kind of personal.) Who owns your body?    Did you answer that you own your body?  Perhaps you answered that Hashem/G-d owns your body.  A good many Orthodox pre-teens would, in fact, answer just that – “Hashem owns my body,” and it seems that they are correct.   After all, Hashem is the Creator of the world and Hashem is present in the c …
Tags: Parenting, child sexual abuse, prevention
Mothers Day with a twist
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
May 12th, 2017

In honor of those who are mothers and those who were mothers In honor of those who’ve longed to be a mother   In honor of those who, by way of teaching mentoring or counseling, have mothered their young charges   but also For those who have a mother or had a mother (and most of us fit into one category or the other)   For those who celebrate this day religiously For those who are too religious to celebrate it For those w …
Tags: Mothers Day, Children
Winnicott and the Wailing Wall
Author: Yehuda Krohn, Psy.D.
May 24th, 2017

I am not the kind of person who cries at the drop of a hat.  I have experienced, over the decades, more than one sudden, profound loss and have found myself almost unable to shed tears.  My stoicism has led others and, at times, myself to wonder whether I was capable of caring.    A number of years ago, I came across a history series produced by a prominent American Rabbi.  One of his tapes (yes, it was that long ago) foc …
Tags: Bereavement, Yom Yerushalayim, Object Relations
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