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How not to let anxiety steal the joy in your relationships + 11 Tips
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW
September 1st, 2019

Relationships are what make the world go round. Our closest relationships are those that remind us of who we are, what we’re capable of and are there to show up through the ups and downs of it all. However, when you have anxiety, it can come in the way of you fully showing up and enjoying the positive attributes of the relationships in your life. Anxiety can hold you back from deepening relationships or even from branching out and making …
Tags: Anxiety, trauma, emdr, relationships, long island
Parenting with Anxiety & PTSD- What No One Tells You
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW
July 10th, 2019

“I’m exhausted. I may just not be cut out for this parenting thing. And I’m angry because I wanted to give my own family more than I ever got as a child, but I’m failing grandly”. Rebecca sobs as she shares her woes. Parenting has been a journey that has been burdened with shame, anxiety, insecurity and doubt from the get-go. “I’ve shared my struggle with many of my friends but they usually commisera …
Tags: Anxiety, trauma, family of origin, healing
Emerging Trauma Memories? + 4 Coping Tips!
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW
May 6th, 2019

"Something is wrong with me, and I think I’m going crazy. I know my life wasn’t perfect, but suddenly I’m flooded with images I never knew existed and I can barely function. What’s wrong with me?” “I know I had trauma and/or anxiety, and I did some good talk therapy years ago, but suddenly it’s coming back with a whole new force,how do you explain this? And will it ever get better?”  When cli …
Tags: therapy, trauma, emdr, somatic
Anxiety & Family-Of-Origin. What's the connection + 3 Tips!
Author: Esther Goldstein LCSW
April 25th, 2019

You’ve come to realize that you have some levels of anxiety. High, low, medium or moderate. It may be the tingling feeling on your skin, the “on-edge” sensation when faced with a new scenario or the underlying hum of discomfort when trying to resolve a dilemma or disagreement. The thoughts that spiral you into a puddle of doubt and keep you there for a while. “What’s wrong with me” you wonder? A quick search …
Tags: Anxiety, trauma, family-of-origin, depression, trans-generational healing
Stop Barkin' Listen Up!
Author: Menachem Hojda MSW
July 10th, 2017

High school is always dramatic, but when my parents divorced the summer before I left for Yeshivah it set up an interesting four years. Living away from home and trying to understand how to navigate the various dilemmas that came up I spent a lot of time talking to Rebbeim who kindly gave me wise advice, yet somehow with all the advice I was getting these conversations seemed to lead to even more inner turmoil, except when I talked to my roommate …
Tags: Parenting, connection, listening, marriage, teaching, yeshivah, trauma, holocaust, pirkei avos
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